There, at the river... - Kids camp and evangelization in Dinkovo, Bulgaria


“Kings Garden”


- Camp 2013 -



- News from Dinkovo, Bulgaria. July 2013 -


Without exaggeration, this year belongs to one of our most intense!

End of March we started with the renovation and the extension project we mentioned in Dinkovo. The barn (pictures on the left and right) will be used in the future as a meeting place and dormitory. We also took the ownership of our neighbor plot (total area approx 6000 square meters). This will be partially used as part of the project.
So we had temporarily 3 construction sites, which we initiated simultaneously and, of course, pushed forward energetically. A team of construction workers helped us to finish from March to mid of July. So we finished with the first construction phase just right in time for the start of our Kids Camp.

The first phase includes the renewing of the basic construction, completion of the new roof, mains water supply, outside toilet and showers for the camp members.

A big part of this work was done by help of our friends.




We anticipate that we'll continue from the next month with the the reconstruction, plaster, windows and doors, flooring, kitchen and sanitary facilities, heating, etc., so far as we can do. The important thing was, that we could plaster the clay walls before the rainy season was starting.

Camp times:
From July, 14th until July, 20th Martin was participating on a basic training camp (basic training for young Jungschar / Youngster team leaders) which was offered by Hans-Georg Gerster, a friendly missionary from Switzerland.





Hans-Georg is a professional in youth work - our boys are joining his Jungschar group and also the camps. He has a very great experience and is living now more than 12 years here in Bulgaria, with living and passing his experiences to others. We are so happy and excited about this relationship and cooperation with him! We love you Hans-Georg!

Almost seamlessly, from July, 22nd to July, 28th we had our own kids camp. This was maybe one of the most securest ever! ;-)



Our 16 children have been in the age between 8 to 16 years. In total, included the helpers, we have been a big family 35 with member! And nearly every day somebody from the police, the health inspection or child care office came along to visit and "attend" us.
Finally some of the official persons are tried to help us, which was a small challenge for us. But as it is written in 1. Peter 4.12: "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you."

But now in sequence:
First for a long time it was not clear and for sure, if and how many children could really participate at our camp. As much bigger was our gladness about to have members from all around Bulgaria. Especially a small group from Sofia, where the familary background and situation is very difficult. But they could participate together with us these unforgettable time with games, fun and spiritual edification!

Also in this year the camp was only possible because of different private donations.



Everybody here agrees, that this was more than a normal kids camp.
Our friends from Sweden, Sara and Dietrich Hartung, the Jungschar team leaders Rafi, Tobi and Josua from Solothurn (Switzerland), Irene and Nadia from Aargau and also some of our Bulgarian friends have contributed to this success!
The Jungschar leader team has helped very active and gave us unforgettable moments of adventure and action (ask for it!). Dietrich, himself an old scout with more than 55 years experience in Jungschar, has given to us a lots of 'keys' for a practical and good working life with God. He was like a "father" to us and has given together with his lovingly wife Sara a lots of warmth, edification and refuge to us.

If a person within only one week learns more about God and finds Him out more practically than it was granted to him during a previous theology study, this seems quite worth mentioning!


The following youth camp developed up to a 3 days family-camp. The word about our 'center' was going around. And so one day around 40 people from villages nearby came, which wanted to participate time and community and shared worship with us.

•  From August, 20th until September, 12th we will go to Switzerland and Germany to have some
   important meetings concerning of our work and also to meet friends and family
•  From September, 15th we want to start again with the working parts in Dinkovo.
•  Furthermore we will support local community work in Dinkovo and villages around.
•  Collection point: We are looking for a responsable person for our storage location.
•  We also need as soon as possible a new storage location (in Switzerland / Germany).






We are glad about reactions or inquiries.

Who would like to support us with pleasure somehow and manner at this work, somehow it is vigorous on-site, construction work, camp company, time-out in the country (House-Sitting) or also materially and financially help, finds here the contact possibility: