There, at the river... - The ideal place for family and children's camp - in Dinkovo, Bulgaria


“Kings Garden”




- Outlook 2016 -


- What will happen this year? -


Your reactions or inquiries are welcome.

Who wants to support us in any way in this work, if it's active on site with construction work, during camp times, time-out in the country (House-sitting) or materially or financially, please take contact with us.




- Cids Camp 2016:

   Date not fixed yet
   This year we will offer again a children's camp due to popular demand.
   Further information will follow soon.

- Family Camp 2016:

   From 13th until 21st of August in "King's Garden" for the second time,
   with the slogan "Dad, Ma and me!".

   As the Pictures showing already: We will sleep in tents or in our open dormitory.
   Please bring your own equipment (tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag).
   If you miss something, please contact us.

   If you need because of special reasons another different accomodation,
   you may contact us also.

   Price include meals, exclude optionally etwaige day trips:
   per person from 12 years, per day: 10 Leva
   per person 8-11 years, per day: 6 Leva
   per person 4-7 years, per day: 3 Leva
   per person 1-3 years, free of charge

- Financials:

   The community is in the foreground. A financial shortage should therefore present any obstacle.
   In this case please contact us, we will find a way!

   Details you will receive after registering.

- Work employment:

   An unforgettable Adventure under the Bulgarian sun.

   In this year we will continue with our works on the camp place in Dinkovo.
   Beside the working, the fun factor plays an important role. :-)

   An exact date is not fixed yet. It would be in the autumn.

   Are you motivated and adventurous?
   This is an ideal opportunity to see us again or meet for the first time.

   Please contact us!

   If you have been here before, why not exploring our beautiful country?
   Very interesting and beautiful documentation:

The following tasks are scheduled:

- Former barn:

   Cover the cement floor with flagstones, installing windows,
   possibly build simple bunk beds.

 Old barn 

- Old Living House:

   Complete renovation of the roof. Completion of the kitchen.

- New Living House and Camp Kitchen:

   Installation of a heating system (a 2nd hand wood burning boiler
   with water connection we found already)
   and completion of the camp kitchen.

 Camp Kitchen 

- Outside Area:

   Completion of the climbing tower with a zipline.
   Create a playground with swing and sessaw.
   Additionally planting of fruit trees, shrubbery and other trees.

 Climbing Tower 


 Latest Pictures 

 Before / After